Friday Finds!

The nice weather continues as the month of July begins to wind down.

It has been such an exciting and special July for me  because I became a grandmother (but please call me Nana) for the very first time!  I can’t tell you how it feels to hold your grandchild and look into those beautiful eyes – knowing that your family has grown in the most wonderful way!  Meet my grandson!


Each day that I see him, he grows and becomes this little personality all his own.   He sleeps so peacefully and will sometimes smile about something only he knows about. His tiny lips and nose are perfect and his cheeks are so full and round.  I cherish each and every time I spend with him.  I am so lucky!

So, with all that baby-holding – my knitting has suffered a little (lol, ok a lot, not that I really mind!)  Please notice that adorable knitted hat that my grandson is wearing!  You know, a person (like me) dreamed of knitting a hat (like that) for a grandson like mine!!

Happy knitting,



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