An Fall Arrives!

This has to be one of my favorite seasons of the year.  The colors are just starting to turn and the air is crisp and comfortable.  Gone are the hot, sweaty days of summer  (sorry, completely honest here and I know that many feel the same way!)  I will miss the long days and the mild temperatures though.

So, went to my local “box” store to pick up some mums for the front door area and came home with these beauties!



They are called Cheyenne Spirit Coneflowers and are Perennials!  I just love the colors and will be able to plant them before the ground gets so hard and have them in my yard forever.  They do require full sun and I am told they are very hardy.  I might think about getting these again next fall and create an area in the yard that is full of color!

I’m knitting right along on my fingerless gloves and just wish I have more time to put to knitting.  My days are so busy that I only get a couple of hours a day to knit!  kinda frustrating for my right now when I see such great fall ideas out there that I want to try and have orders to fill! Maybe someday I will have more knitting time!


Glad to say that I will be completing this project this weekend!  So excited to see them done!

Happy knitting,



Happy Friday!

Another beautiful weather week!  I don’t know about you, but I could have these cool nights and blue, mild days for awhile longer!  Puppy and I have been walking each and every night!


Went to my favorite knitting store, Trumpet Hill Fine Yarns, and, of course, found the softest yarn called Baby Alpace Grande by Plymouth to make Fingerless Gloves.  I’ve started working on them is the a deep gray.  This yarn was made in Peru and should be hand washed.  Hope to feature them in the Boho Chic Boutique next month!  So excited! Here’s how it looks so far:


I’m working the “gloves” in a 3 Round Cable pattern that is sooo easy and fun to do!  Here is a picture of the directions, but you can get it free when you purchase the Plymouth yarn.  What a great deal!


Happy knitting,


Friday finds!


The nights are getting closer and closer – time to sip that wine and relax…..

So, hope your first few weeks of September are going as well as mine!  I have the most exciting news to share.  So, thanks to my daughter, who was making a shopping appearance at a new local boutique, I have now met the owner, Carrie, and will be making some knitted items to be featured there. The boutique is called Boho Chic Boutique and is located in Waterford, NY. You have to check it out!  It’s unique and fun and you will love the beautiful merchandise!.  Carrie and I hit it off right away and I am very excited that this could be the beginning of a wonderful relationship!

Here’s the pictures of my first two knitting projects to be featured:


These Hand Warmers from Purl Bee are just what we need when the temperature starts to drop but we still want our fingers free!  I plan to make them in a few great fall colors!  Whether they are short or long in length, you will enjoy their coziness!


This headband from Drops is fun and warm for the coming months.  Great for when you want to keep your hair out of your face or when you are playing in the snow, shopping, or just looking pretty, it will become a best friend!

Happy knitting,


Welcome September!


Even though we are still wearing sleeveless tops and enjoying the beauty of summer, the weather will soon be ushering in the crispness of fall.  I don’t know about you, but I am going to welcome the cooler nights, the slight breeze in my hair when I walk the puppy and mostly the ability to wear some neat layered knitted items!  Start thinking and start knitting!

I hope you had the opportunity to have a vacation this summer, as I have had.  I went to the South Carolina shore to attend a family wedding.  Growing up in Long Island, I always enjoy the ocean and the sand.  I thought I would share a couple of pictures from that ocean.  The days were bright and sunny, the family time, so much fun and laughter!




Beautiful grandson is growing each and every day!  He’s showing more and more of his self and learning to do new things all the time.  Just 2 months old and he is turning over (though it’s a complete shock to him!) and spending more and more time moving, constant moving.  Oh, and I can’t ever have too many smiles! So thankful! Pictures to come!

Happy knitting,