Friday finds!


The nights are getting closer and closer – time to sip that wine and relax…..

So, hope your first few weeks of September are going as well as mine!  I have the most exciting news to share.  So, thanks to my daughter, who was making a shopping appearance at a new local boutique, I have now met the owner, Carrie, and will be making some knitted items to be featured there. The boutique is called Boho Chic Boutique and is located in Waterford, NY. You have to check it out!  It’s unique and fun and you will love the beautiful merchandise!.  Carrie and I hit it off right away and I am very excited that this could be the beginning of a wonderful relationship!

Here’s the pictures of my first two knitting projects to be featured:


These Hand Warmers from Purl Bee are just what we need when the temperature starts to drop but we still want our fingers free!  I plan to make them in a few great fall colors!  Whether they are short or long in length, you will enjoy their coziness!


This headband from Drops is fun and warm for the coming months.  Great for when you want to keep your hair out of your face or when you are playing in the snow, shopping, or just looking pretty, it will become a best friend!

Happy knitting,



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