Happy Halloween!


Time to get those costumes ready and fill the Halloween bowl with all that candy for those ghosts and goblins!  I really miss those days when the kids were small and all excited to go around the neighborhood, meeting friends and getting all excited to be dressed up in costume.  Fun times for young and old!  Before long my beautiful grandson will be enjoying this tradition.  Time does march on…..

I’ve been knitting a new style of headband for Boho Chic Boutique to feature.  I have used this Super Bulky (6) yarn from Loops & Threads called Cozy Wool. I just love the color and think it would look great surrounding almost any color hair.  The cable is right in the front and will be sure to keep you warm on those cold days ahead.


Happy life, happy knitting,



Happy Friday!

Another week has gone by as October slips away.  Excited for the weekend to begin since I’m going with best friend to see my son and visit the community where he lives and works.  More on that next time.

Wanted to share a picture of my work from taking a bead felting class recently from The Art Center.  This was the first time best friend and I watched instructor Jeannie Thomma model the basically simple process of making felted wool beads from roving wool.  it reminded me of making meatballs, which I know, has been a very long time ago!  But the results are interesting, beautiful and unique as felting usually can be.  Here is a picture of what I have so far.


The long piece can be cut to make flat kind of discs and the round beads would be attached through the middle with thread or twine.  As my work continues, I will share!

Happy life, happy knitting,


Happy Friday!


So excited to say that this is the headband that I knitted  that sold at the recent Flaming Leaves Festival last weekend in Lake Placid through Boho Chic Boutique.  The Boutique will be showing some of my other knitted items, such as a beautiful autumn pumpkin-shade scarf, a couple of very colorful cowls, and more!  Check it out!


Recently, friends and I spent the day at a natural  museum called The Wildlife Center in Tupper Lake, NY.  What a great outdoor experience!  The buildings and presentation of the natural surrounding area was breathtaking! There is so much to see and enjoy during a beautiful fall day.


One of my favorite sights at The Center, was meeting Oliver the Barred Owl.  The young lady that was introducing him to the gathering was so informative and confident in handling him and telling us his story.  Seems that he had been hurt and The Center was taking care of him since his injury.  He was beautiful, looking around at all of us and just so awesome!


Here are some other pictures that I took during our day.




Stairs leading to the “Eagle Nest”!


The “Eagle Nest” that you could go in and look at the entire area.


This is an Erratic Display – placed here by a slow-moving glacier.

There’s so much more…

Happy life, happy knitting,


Happy Columbus Day!

So, here we are the beginning of October and this is a very special weekend for many reasons!

Fall is here. The colors are changing – yellows, oranges, bright reds  – we are lucky to live in a place that gives us the four seasons.  Each with it’s own unique gifts.  Get out there and enjoy the sights, hike, have a picnic, walk the dog, all before the next season arrives.

First, if you are anywhere near Lake Placid this weekend, you have to check out the Flaming Leaves Festival.  Why you say, because the Boho Chic Boutique of Waterford will be showing some of my knitted items!  I’m so excited to have made this business relationship with Carrie and know that she will have a great couple of days!


My new business cards!!


Check out my hand-knitted pieces!

So, another great part of this weekend will be that I get to take care of my beautiful grandson for a whole day!  This will be the first of many times, I’m sure, and I’m very excited to be able to be the Nana!  Love him so much!


Our Super baby!

Happy life, happy knitting,