Welcome Spring!


Soon we will be seeing these beauties! Can’t wait!

This weekend will be day two of bead felting with best friend. (Check her out on Adrienne’s ARTistic Experiences) We will be taking all of the felt beads that we made and begin   to string them together to make a beautiful necklace.  Take a look at the beads that I’ve made.  Next week, I will show off my completed necklace!


I’m also working one of the two new items to be featured at Boho Chic Boutique!  Think spring farmer’s market shopping?  Can you guess?


Happy knitting, happy felting, happy life,




Let the Felting Begin!


So, I made these felts pieces awhile ago, taking wool fiber, wetting and rolling till the fibers fuse together to become one.  I’ll be with bf today at her Artistic Expressions class (Adrienne’s Artistic Expressions via Squareup.com) taking those pieces and creating some fantastic jewelry.

You can also look for this great book that I purchased to help me enjoy the art of wet felting.


Don’t forget, I’m working on a couple of spring/summer items exclusively for Boho Chic Boutique! More details to come…

Happy life, happy knitting and felting,



Happy March!


Puppy is not feeling well!  His ear infections are awful and I am busy trying to find out more information on how to give him some relief and maybe, just maybe, to get rid of the problem!  He’s been to the veterinary clinic several times, taking all kinds of ear drops, medications, and nothing has worked.  We do have an appointment with a dermatologist specialist for animals to see if she can help.  I didn’t even know that there was such a person!  Please let me know if you have any suggestions.  Wish us luck!

Going to a baby shower this weekend, so you know that I have knitted a blanket as part of the gift.  It’s a little girl and I can’t wait to meet her.


Also, don’t forget to check out the last of my winter knitted items at Boho Chic Boutique in Waterford, NY and there will be a couple of spring/summer knitted pieces to look forward too!

Happy life, happy knitting,