Rainy Days

So, yesterday was one of those days that started out on the low side.  The weather forecasted rain and that, can and did, give me one of those headaches that you really wish would not mess up your day.   One of those days that you wish you could just shut off the alarm and pull up the covers.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t.  On top of that, it was an intense day at work too.  I went through the day not feeling my best, working really hard to stay focused.  I don’t often complain, but it was one of those days. (thanks for letting me vent!)

As you know, I have a been selling some of my items at Boho Chic Boutique and recently they celebrated their one year anniversary!  It was great fun, meeting other artisans, friends, and family of Boho.  Surprisingly, I just found out that I (me!) won the raffle that they had!  So excited to have won a $100 gift certificate.  I can’t wait to start shopping!  Thanks Boho!

I have also been working on one of my projects for spring/summer items for Boho.  Here are some pictures!  Really wish I could find more time to keep on knitting….





The yarn is from Bernat brand and it is 72% cotton and 28% nylon. It is in bulky weight and the colors remind me of the sea.

Happy life, happy knitting,



Welcome Spring!


Soon we will be seeing these beauties! Can’t wait!

This weekend will be day two of bead felting with best friend. (Check her out on Adrienne’s ARTistic Experiences) We will be taking all of the felt beads that we made and begin   to string them together to make a beautiful necklace.  Take a look at the beads that I’ve made.  Next week, I will show off my completed necklace!


I’m also working one of the two new items to be featured at Boho Chic Boutique!  Think spring farmer’s market shopping?  Can you guess?


Happy knitting, happy felting, happy life,



Happy March!


Puppy is not feeling well!  His ear infections are awful and I am busy trying to find out more information on how to give him some relief and maybe, just maybe, to get rid of the problem!  He’s been to the veterinary clinic several times, taking all kinds of ear drops, medications, and nothing has worked.  We do have an appointment with a dermatologist specialist for animals to see if she can help.  I didn’t even know that there was such a person!  Please let me know if you have any suggestions.  Wish us luck!

Going to a baby shower this weekend, so you know that I have knitted a blanket as part of the gift.  It’s a little girl and I can’t wait to meet her.


Also, don’t forget to check out the last of my winter knitted items at Boho Chic Boutique in Waterford, NY and there will be a couple of spring/summer knitted pieces to look forward too!

Happy life, happy knitting,


Cold January!

I am freezing!  I knew that the weather from December would not last!  Living in the great northeast, we should expect the temperature to go down, down, down.  I think I would rather have some more snow than the low temperatures.  Even puppy is feeling the weather!


I’m knitting another scarf for Boho Chic Boutique at their request!  This is the second of it’s kind and that makes me very excited!  I know the colors are some of my favorites, great for either a male or female.  The color is called Ashes from Loops & Threads Charisma.  You have to check it out or just let me know if  you want one of these very warm, scarfs!

Happy life, happy knitting,



It’s Almost Here!

December is moving along very quickly and I don’t know about you, but I still have a lot of things to do!  There’s gifts to knit, decorating to finish, food to cook!  (oh,my!)

Don’t forget to check out the great ideas, AND my knitting pieces, at the Boho Chic Boutique for those special Holiday gifts!  I made this little Christmas tree that could be used as an ornament, gift tag, or whatever spurs your imagination!



Happy life, happy knitting,


Knitting Everywhere!

As I continue to knit items for Boho Chic Boutique, I have noticed that there has been a local act of kindness as the weather turns cold.  This is what the world needs more of, caring of all mankind.

Chicks with Sticks is a knitting group from Glenmont, NY. According to the news recently  the Group, “Yarn Bombed” the Albany area leaving warm knitted items such as scarves, hats, and mittens.  Each knitted piece had a tag on it that read, “‘I am not lost, take me if you need to be warm and know that somebody cares”.


What a wonderful idea!

Made this scarf (made in the 2 Row Reversible Pattern) for Boho with the thought that there are men out there that would love to have this beautiful, soft, scarf wrapped around their necks when the cold wind blows!



Happy life, happy knitting,


November is here!

The leaves are changing colors and are quickly falling to the ground.  I love that this tree is all different shades of yellow!


Even though we are enjoying unusually mild weather for the second week of November, Puppy is getting older and will be feeling the cooler weather soon, so I had to get him this comfy new bed!  He seems to really like it!


Sold another piece of mine at the Boho Chic Boutique, which is very exciting news!  Here is the replacement scarf in Gold  from Patons Classic Wool  in the Bulky weight.  You have to check out it out!


Don’t forget those great headbands too!


Happy knitting,


Happy Halloween!


Time to get those costumes ready and fill the Halloween bowl with all that candy for those ghosts and goblins!  I really miss those days when the kids were small and all excited to go around the neighborhood, meeting friends and getting all excited to be dressed up in costume.  Fun times for young and old!  Before long my beautiful grandson will be enjoying this tradition.  Time does march on…..

I’ve been knitting a new style of headband for Boho Chic Boutique to feature.  I have used this Super Bulky (6) yarn from Loops & Threads called Cozy Wool. I just love the color and think it would look great surrounding almost any color hair.  The cable is right in the front and will be sure to keep you warm on those cold days ahead.


Happy life, happy knitting,


Happy Friday!


So excited to say that this is the headband that I knitted  that sold at the recent Flaming Leaves Festival last weekend in Lake Placid through Boho Chic Boutique.  The Boutique will be showing some of my other knitted items, such as a beautiful autumn pumpkin-shade scarf, a couple of very colorful cowls, and more!  Check it out!


Recently, friends and I spent the day at a natural  museum called The Wildlife Center in Tupper Lake, NY.  What a great outdoor experience!  The buildings and presentation of the natural surrounding area was breathtaking! There is so much to see and enjoy during a beautiful fall day.


One of my favorite sights at The Center, was meeting Oliver the Barred Owl.  The young lady that was introducing him to the gathering was so informative and confident in handling him and telling us his story.  Seems that he had been hurt and The Center was taking care of him since his injury.  He was beautiful, looking around at all of us and just so awesome!


Here are some other pictures that I took during our day.




Stairs leading to the “Eagle Nest”!


The “Eagle Nest” that you could go in and look at the entire area.


This is an Erratic Display – placed here by a slow-moving glacier.

There’s so much more…

Happy life, happy knitting,