Here comes May!

I am so happy that we are saying good-bye to April, for no particular reason really, except that I want to see more green growth and flowers and the sun!  Something like this!


To the knitters out there – have you ever worked on a new project, followed the directions, and still you see that something is just now right!  I have pulled this project out once already and look!!  I don’t blame anyone but myself and it is driving me crazy. The stitches are decreasing and I, of course, don’t want them too? The pattern is said to be originally from the Purl Bee (but I couldn’t find it there?) but I located it on We Wilsons and it is the perfect pattern of a Market Bag. (Just what I have been looking for – for Boho Chic Boutique) So, I am going to try again, so wish me luck. I am determined to figure this out!!


Happy life, happy knitting,